Protect Your Land From Rising Tides

Turn to us for bulkhead construction services in Midfield or Matagorda, TX

Life on the Gulf Coast has many amazing perks - but it also leaves property owners vulnerable to water erosion. If you want to safeguard your land against harmful threats, consider hiring S & S Marine Construction to put a barrier between your property and the ocean. We provide bulkhead construction services in Midfield and Matagorda, TX.

Bulkheads prevent erosion by stabilizing the soil conditions along beaches. They can be constructed with vinyl sheets or wood materials and are held together with galvanized or stainless steel bolts. If you want to take a stand against water erosion, consider investing in heavy-duty bulkheads.

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What makes us a good fit for you?

S & S Marine Construction strives to be your top choice for marine bulkhead services in Midfield, TX, Matagorda, TX or surrounding areas. Here's what makes us a good fit for your project:

  • We serve communities from Galveston to Houston
  • We offer a variety of materials to satisfy your needs
  • We can lay grass and dirt to give your yard a cohesive look
  • We can handle excavating work with our skid steers and backhoes
Don't let the elements threaten your property any longer. Call us today to schedule marine bulkhead services.